Social rehabilitation (SR)

Social rehabilitation is provided to persons with ASD and persons with mental disability or persons with combined handicap especially from Vysočina region in the age from 7 to 40 years.

Service is provided for the users from Monday to Saturday inclusive at the time from 7:00 – 20:00 o´clock.Service is not provided at time of legal holiday and when ICS is closed.

Service of social rehabilitation comes from individual needs of particular users, service takes effect on the users so that they are able to live independent life and to integrate themselves into normal population of same-age persons with regards to their abilities and skills. By providing of this social service is respected their dignity, including their human rights and basic freedom of persons to whom is this service provided.

What we can offer to the users of social rehabilitation:

  • practice of social skills
  • practice of activities of daily needs
  • practice of working activities
  • socialization within common cultural and sport actions

We do not provide following services:

  • for persons whose health condition or handicap requires participation of the nurse staff;
  • in case that we don´t provide social service which is required by this person;
  • in case that we don´t have sufficient capacity for providing social service which is required by this person;
  • for persons who are requiring personal assistance and they are not able to do the aim of the service ( activities of the program are too difficult for them).

Service is free of charge.