Day Care (DC)

Day care is ambulatory service and its purpose is the support and help to persons with disorder of autistic spectrum and persons with mental disability and persons with combined handicap from Vysočina region in the age from 7 to 40 years.

Day care is provided from 8:00 – 16:30 o´clock from Monday to Friday inclusive.

Service is not provided at time of legal holiday and when ICS is closed.

Aim of day care is so that the users of these services could satisfy at good quality and independently their needs and interests within normal society.

What we offer to the users of day care:

  • meaningful spending of the day
  • increasing of abilities for social use
  • learning of social habits in the area of self-service
  • professional workshops – for example ceramic, basket-making, creative room
  • therapeutic room
  • holding of school trivia
  • general survey
  • support of physical condition

We do not provide following services:

  • for persons whose health condition or handicap requires participation of the nurse staff;
  • in case that we don´t provide social service which is required by this person;
  • in case that we don´t have sufficient capacity for providing social service which is required by this person;
  • for persons who are requiring personal assistance and they are not able to do the aim of the service ( activities of the program are too difficult for them).

This service is chargeable. The cost is determined according the level of dependency.