Integration Centre Sasov

To whom it is convenient? Target group for this facility are persons with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and persons with mental disability and persons with combined handicap

INTEGRATION CENTRE SASOV z.u. is a non-profit organization which, in accordance with the amendment of the Civil Code, was transformed in 2016 from a civic association called ASSOCIATION HELPING PEOPLE WITH AUTISM - APLA - Vysocina to the Institute. The original non-profit organization was founded in 2004 by Dagmar and Milan Zapotocny, the  parents of a child with autism, who tried to ensure the lack of support for people with autism spectrum disorder (hereafter "ASD") and their families in the region Vysocina.

The priority effort of the Zapotocny couple were to strengthen the possibilities of diagnosis, education and development of social services for children with ASD. In Jihlava, they organized seminars on health, school and social issues in the area of ​​ ASD, focusing on experience from abroad.

With the support of the region Vysocina, in the year 2005, a place of a school counselor for ASD ( the coordinator) was created by the Special Pedagogic Centre (hereafter "SPC") in Jihlava and in the same year, the Zapotocny couple  started to work on the project of building an integration centre as a facility for providing  social services.

A professional social service was created from the originally voluntary parental activity in which the law profession of both spouses was an added value and the motivation from good practice with their own autistic child. The social facility called Sasov Integration Centre (hereafter "ICS") provides registered social services for children, adolescents and adults with ASD and multiple disabilities: a day care centre, professional social counseling, social rehabilitation. In addition to these services,the ICS strives to provide affordable leisure activities, including summer camps, for disabled children and their families. In addition, in ICS are held the specialized training seminars for parents, educators and social workers who are trained by the ICS staff themselves or by external experts on ASD.

We do not provide following services:

  • for persons whose health condition or handicap requires participation of the nurse staff;
  • in case that we don´t provide social service which is required by this person;
  • in case that we don´t have sufficient capacity for providing social service which is required by this person;
  • for persons who are requiring personal assistance and they are not able to do the aim of the service ( activities of the program are too difficult for them).
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