Normal child was born …
… normal development until two years of age.
Later it was diagnosed autism, he was marked as uneducable …
He manages to finish normal school with help of pedagogical assistant
… he reached middle school education
… today, he is educated young man with own hobbies and he has a chance to find a job
  • What is it autism

    Autism by children exhibits itself during the first three years of their life. What is autism and how we recognize it? Autism is mental disorder in development of the child. Sings of autism are evident by repeated pattern of behavior …

    What is it autism
  • Integral centre Sasov

    Integral centre Sasov in Jihlava is a facility for providing of social services to autistic people or consultancy services to the parents of children with autism

    Integral centre Sasov
  • Diagnosis: Autistic spectrum disorder. And what to do now?

    Contact us if you need consultancy what to do, how to work with your child. Our professionally educated workers will inform you about convenient pedagogical and educational methods.

    Autistic spectrum disorder
I am different but useful …I am a child with autism

Accept the children handicapped with autism

If we apply special approach to the autistic child, there will be a big chance that he will understand to the world, which seems to be chaotic for him due to his handicap and that there will be significant improvement in his behavior.

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Integration Centre Sasov
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Integration Centre Sasov
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